Thursday, August 15, 2013


Are you having trouble getting into an exercise routine this summer?

Well, that was my case until I re-discovered spinning. If you are unfamiliar with spinning, it's basically the stationary bike, but your workout intensity is coordinated with music making it a little more exciting and depending on the type of music you are listening too, a little more motivating to push yourself. Throughout your workout, your intensity and resistance will change from easy to moderate to difficult making it a great workout for your body because it will not adapt to the routine and will allow you to shed that weight. 

I discovered spinning 2 years ago prior to my wedding. I began exercising to shed some pounds so that I could be in tip top shape for my wedding day. I took one spinning class with my bridesmaid at her local YMCA, and I was hooked. After that, I began using the stationary bike at my small gym and within 3 months I shed about 10 pounds. The weight just fell off my body, and I went down 2 dress sizes. I had never gotten results like this from any other workout. I knew I was getting a good workout because it was the only workout that I left the gym with a sweat soaked shirt (I know gross, but it's true).

Read this article from  The Live Well Network to help you identify your body type and the best work out for you to lose weight. Workout For Every Body Type The Live Well Network. I believe I'm an endomorph which means that I need to work extra hard to lose weight. I've struggle all my life with this until I discovered spinning. 

Apparently, I'm carb sensitive and because of that, I've tried to cut back on starches/carbs and increased fruit and vegetable intake instead. I feel less bloated and have lost 7 pounds since I started a couple months ago. I also reduced my snacking and eating out at restaurants. Endomorphs also need to try and stay within in a negative calorie balance so to help me track my intake and exercises, I invested in a FitBit available through Brookstone. As a dietitian, I feel this is the wave of the future. Pretty soon, my clientele will be able to wear the fitbit, and I'll be able to see what exactly is going on with their diets! It is such a great tool. 

View this blog to learn how to set-up your bike. Most gyms have them, so go for it and try it out! Maybe you even have one sitting in your basement... How to Set Up a Spinning Bike

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